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Admission Processing

We Help You Secure Genuine Admission in Any Country and Institution of Your Choice!

At Jorad Consulting Services (JCS), we deploy our industry experience in guiding you through your entire admission application process. Our experienced professional Admissions Processing Team (APT) ensure that you secure the right admission in the right school or sport academy, and the country of your choice.

Scholarship Application

We Guide You Through Finding a Genuine Scholarships around the world

From scholarship research to application processing, Our experienced Scholarship Application Expert Team (SAET) will support you in technical areas towards securing a genuine scholarship. Our scholarship application support services such as Grant Providers Research, Documentation, and Essay Writing among others, are exclusively designed to offer you quality scholarship support.

Essay Writing Guidance

Explore Our Stellar Essay Writing Support

At Jorad Consulting Services (JCS), our experienced and professional Essay Writing Team (EWT) deploy their essay writing knowledge and expertise in guiding you through your entire essay writing process - which is aimed at helping you achieve your admission and scholarship goals.

Travel & Accommodation Guidance

Allow Us to Worry About Your Visa and Accommodation!

Our professional Travel & Accommodation Expert Team (TAET) will deliver efficient and trusted Travel, Visa and Accommodation support that meets your travel and accommodation expectations. Our Accommodation Specialists are spread across different universities and institutions in all destination countries: USA, Canada, UAE, China, UK, Hungary, Spain, Germany etc.

Student Recruitment

We Partner with Schools in Organizing Foreign Student Recruitment!

At Jorad Consulting Services (JCS), our experienced and professional Student Recruitment Team (SRT) deploy their industry knowledge and experience to organize student and sport talent recruitment in Nigeria.
We collaborate with foreign schools & institutions and sport academies across USA, UK, Canada, China, Germany etc. We organize industry & global standard recruitment exercise that identifies the deserving talent and candidates.

Certified Education Consultancy Training.

We train You to Become the Best of Educational Consulting Experts!

At Jorad Consulting, we train, coach and mentor extra-ordinary talents & aspiring educational consultants. Our training programs covers different programs and specialties such as Admission Processing, Scholarship Application, Essay Writing, Visa/Travel etc.
Our certified training programs covers both online & physical classes and runs for (3) Months, (6) Months and (1) Year Training Duration respectively.

General Consultancy.

We want you to know more about studying abroad, the choices you have, and to make informed decisions!

At Jorad Consulting Services (JCS), our experienced and professional Study Abroad Consultancy Team (SACT), deliver vital informational sessions that is needed to make your plans of studying abroad seamless.
Our consultation packages are Basic, Standard and Premium packages respectively.

Our Consultation Sessions

Basic Plan


Enjoy 30 Minutes Consultancy Session on;

Admission Application

Scholarship Application Guidance

Visa and Travel Guidance

Standard Plan


Enjoy 60 Minutes Consultancy Session on;

Admission Application

Scholarship Application

Essay Writing Guidance

Visa and Travel Guidance

Premium plan


Enjoy 60 Minutes + Unlimited Consultancy Session on

Admission Application

Scholarships Processing

Certified Training


Essay Writing for Scholarships and Admissions

General Consultancy Services

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